Whiteout & Glare – two meteorological phenomena whose penetrating light engulfs the world and cloaks everything in radiant brightness.
The designer label for independent eyewear from Berlin of the same name is just as fascinating and brilliant as these marvels of nature.
Since 2006 Whiteout & Glare has consistently dazzled with its new ideas, purpose-made materials and above all with the sound craftsmanship of its eyewear. From prescription glasses and sunglasses to sports eyewear – the difference is in their details and function. The selection of materials and the shapes alone ensure that the end result will be a firm favourite suitable for everyday wear. Every aspect has been carefully thought out and perfected right down to the smallest detail. Some might call it ‘minimalist’, others ‘pragmatic’. But at Whiteout & Glare the focus is not on terms but results – and these results range from unpretentious and sturdy, elegant and exclusive to functional. Timeless elegance and distinctive design don’t need trends – they create them.

Since its launch the label has found inspiration not only in natural phenomena, but from all over the world. The people at Whiteout & Glare closely observe how the world is constantly changing and creating something new. The label picks up on one particular theme of this endless cycle to represent each of its collections, taking this as its guide throughout the entire design and production process. The combination of new ideas and exceptional craftsmanship thus leads to the creation of glasses of incomparable quality.

In the brief period of its existence, the Berlin-based eyewear designer has already won 21 international awards, including numerous nominations for the German Design Award.


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