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29 Oct Maybach Celebrates Luxurious Birthday

The upcoming MAYBACH fall launch is going to be all about luxury. Besides the regular collection, that consists of 73 frames, the luxury-brand releases a special anniversary edition to celebrate their fifth year in the eyewear industry. When it comes to materials, there's just one...

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Photographer: Mert c/o Hair & Make-Up: Verena van der Heyden c/o works with products by Mac Styling: Daria Escenco c/o Talents: Dietmar c/o Izaio Management Tino c/o Marc B. c/o Manuel B. c/o Leander c/o MunicEyeWear »Mod. 403« i-spax »Warren« Martin & Martin »Lorenz« Makellos »ME 5000« Maybach »The Majesty II«...

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24 Jul Cutting Edge

Photos: Manuel Mittelpunkt Serengeti »Limited Edition San Remo«, »Limited Edition Volterra« Maybach »The Baron I«, »The Majesty III« Strada del Sole »N 7393«, »N 7647« Coblens »31001 Steuerungshebel«, »31002 Landeklappe«, LINDBERG »8557«, »8555« Ermenegildo Zegna »SZ 3289«, Lozza »Keyboard«, Hoffmann Natural Eyewear »Urban 10«, »V7401« Cazal »Mod. 163/302«, »Mod. 633/7« Moscot »Tanner«,...

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17 Jan HIDDEN CULTURES by Manuel Mittelpunkt

Photos: Manuel Mittelpunkt – Setdesign: Josefine Hübler Lindberg »6511«, »8556«, »6515« Coblens »20009 Sitzplatznummer«, »20014 Höhenmeter«, »20012 Leitwerk« Escada »SES270«, »SES269«, »SES806«, »SES245G« Jérémy Tarian »Panorama«, Oliver Goldsmith »Y-Not (1966)« Maybach »The Primadonna I«, »The Diplomat II« Rodenstock »R 1376«, »R 3250«, »R 1391«, »R 1390« Trussardi »TR 12924«, »TR 12839«, »TR...

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16 Jan Sisters, separated at birth?

“Look at that expressive stare,” I thought to myself glancing through the viewfinder. And not only one pair of eyes was peering back at me, but two pairs – the mysterious Cynthia, and the vibrant blue eyes of Dominique, whom I’ve had the pleasure to...

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10 Jul Sun of Sardinia

Production & Idea: Photos: bito I Represented by Styling: Hair & Makeup: Models: Elena, Sibylle, Nina, Joaquin, Michele, Mario, Simone Postproduction: bito & Thomas I Leisure Society by Shane Baum »Burg Tort« Cazal »8006«, »607« Baldessarini »B 3114« Trussardi Dal 1911 »TD 15909« Maybach »The Icon lll«, »The Star ll« KBL...

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08 Jul A day less ordinary

Maybach Limited Gold Edition Come with us on a short walk. Cross your mental boundaries and get inspired by the good life. Forget time and space. But don't forget your magic plastic card. You're about to enter the material world - the territory where things are...

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