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Swiss Brand GÖTTI is launching a new sunglasses collection that is as reminiscent of past time as it is technically advanced while the shapes look like an ode to the past times of Free Love and Disco with some very modern features. All of the styles are...

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11 Jan The Official GÖTTI Titanium Story

"Fascinating. From a cool and mundane piece of titanium arises a pair of eyeglasses that are, typically for Götti, so delicate, beautifully shaped and, at the same time, robust." [embed]http://vimeo.com/141430133[/embed]...

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16 Sep Götti Switzerland “Urban Mood”

GÖTTI SWITZERLAND will present their new "Urban Mood" collection at this year's Silmo. The frames that come in acetate as much as titan speak a very minimalistic, reduced design language and combine traditional craftmanship with technology. Six of the new models will have the innovative...

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19 Jun Götti: ABRY & AVEN

Grosszügige Formen machen die beiden Acetatmodelle zum absoluten Hingucker. ABRY und AVEN sind zwei trendige Formen, die sich in der Familie der Klassiker wiederfinden. Die leicht eckigen Designs wirken in der grösseren Ausführung modern und hinterlassen ein starkes Statement. Mit einer Grösse von 61/13 fügt...

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22 Apr Götti: Slim & Expressive

They can hardly be felt and have an especially charming appeal. These ultra thin acetate models are milled from high-quality acetate sheets which are exklusively made. The slim lines and the unmistakable Götti glance are polished by hand and inspected to the very detail. WOOPY’s...

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03 Mar GÖTTI: shine bright. think thin.

The latest collection from götti Switzerland is causing a sensation with ultra-thin acetate glasses and three-dimensional surfaces. Extra-thin acetate eyeglasses are a special highlight this summer. The aesthetic of these new models resembles frames made from titanium, making them a true novelty. The newtitanium models...

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19 Nov götti: Wiggy & Willy

Two acetate models in their perhaps thinnest version. WIGGY and WILLY are two ultra thin versions with a plastic-looking front, is accomplished by finest spectacle frames. A harmonious design for graceful face shapes in six colors. ...

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01 Jul Fleeting Moments

Nosliw is a musician and a creative thinker. Much like me, Nosliw is always searching for inspiration, for new ideas to implement in our work. And sometimes these ideas are only fleeting moments that float by like smoke in the wind. Then it’s up to...

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19 May götti: I wonder who you are!

Opening Exhibition and launch: Monday, May 26, 2014, Starting at 6:00 PM Bildhalle Kilchberg ZH, Switzerland I wonder who you are: the new campaign from götti switzerland shows the multifaceted effect eyeglasses can have on the face of the wearer. By choosing a spefivic design,...

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