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28 Jan Ørgreen – Design and DNA

Here's part two of The Story of Ørgreen, a video documentary about the Danish eyewear brand. This part is called "Design and DNA" and explains what Head of Design and Partner Tobias Wandrup stresses on during the design process. Also check out part 1. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KepKfRHKtKY[/embed]...

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17 Dec The Story of Ørgreen

Curious to learn more about ØRGREEN Optics and what they are all about, why their handcrafted titianium frames are of such a high quality and how their colors and designs are being made and the thoughts behind it all? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_dMags-BZE...

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21 Sep Ørgreen October Launch 2015

As it's well known, Ørgreen's designs are mostly inspired by everything that's delightful. Whether it's tasty cocktails, unique personalities or in this case, the staff's favorite music albums. The sunglasses seem to be very cool at first impact. The bold colors and the use of...

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12 Aug Ørgreen releases new titanium frames

The Copenhagen based label is releasing new handcrafted titan frames inspired by strong personalities and everyday heroes. The very versatile collection includes seven models that come in all different colors and styles. While the female models like "Nastassja", "Anjelica" or "Suzie Blue" have a very...

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