Suzy Glam loves craftsmanship
Suzy Glam attaches great importance to a visual way of designing. Instead of starting from a drawing or a computer render, all models are primarily shaped by hand, then fitted and adjusted again. In this way, the design is literally formed on the face. Suzy Glam is convinced that this method gives a different result from designing in the more traditional two-dimensional way. Technology must support the design process, but must not be a goal in itself. New technical developments for eyewear designs are interesting for the designer, but often unnecessary for the wearer and the optician. The focus of this collection lies in the three-dimensionality of the design and the aesthetics of the frame as an object.


Suzy Glam likes real men
Suzy Glam designs eyewear for women and for men, but not both simultaneously. The female styles have a powerful presence with a strong feminine character. The distinctive eyewear for men are designed for confident men who do not shy away from glamour; individualists who dare to show themselves.


Suzy Glam looks forward
Suzy Glam strikes a new path when it comes to designing eyewear. The three-dimensional approach to the design, combined with the superb fit, produces styles that are perfectly balanced as object and accessory. Although Suzy Glam recognises the history of eyewear, she wants to go beyond ‘retro’ and create a collection suitable for a new generation of eyewear lovers.


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