ROLF Spectacles
finest natural eyewear . handcrafted in tirol . austria

“Passion for the old, enthusiasm for the new” – the ROLF Spectacles team combines the love for design, the fascination for wood and the enthusiasm to create something new, that has never existed before. The Tyrolean company produces finest eyewear glasses out of natural materials in-house and puts an emphasis on design and quality. ROLF Spectacles has developed a unique wooden hinge and a special lens-glazing system. The ROLF eyewear frames have no screws or metal and are extremely light, comfortable to wear, easy-care, maintenance-free, antistatic and suitable for allergy sufferers. ROLF Spectacles has been internationally awarded for design, innovation and technology – the “Foursome 102” out of the “evolved collection” has recently been awarded with the iF Design Award 2015.


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Camaro Sun




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