ROLF Spectacles



ROLF SPECTACLES will launch a new series of smaller, narrower shapes to expand the latest Excellence Collection in order to provide their customers with a greater range of styles and sizes for optimal fit and comfort.  The key style might be »Anglia«, the model that has also been awarded with...

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21 Sep Rolf Spectacles “Excellence Collection”

The classic designs of the excellence collection are delicate and exquisite in their shaping with a special emphasis on the elaborate details in the finishing. Engraved eyewear frames and two-tone styles show highest precision and love for detail. The latest collection of ROLF SPECTACLES contains...

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03 Jun ROLF Spectacles: Good Design Award

ROLF Spectacles' eyewear design “Sapphire 92” out of the evolved collection has been awarded with the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2015 Best in Category coming out as winner in the category Product Design: Fashion and Objects. The eyewear frame “Sapphire 92” in bog oak-maple-bog oak represents...

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28 May ROLF Spectacles: German Design Award 2015

ROLF Spectacles are on a successful course – the „Kallista 04“ out of the „main collection“ has recently been awarded with the German Design Award 2015 in the category Excellent Product Design Lifestyle. The “Kallista 04” in bog oak-walnut is available in four different wood combinations....

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13 Aug ROLF Spectacles goes for GOLD

Marlin 06 wins Gold International Design Excellence Awards 2014 – finest natural eyewear by ROLF Spectacles features lightweight handmade eyeglass frames using wood, stone and horn. ROLF has created a new hinge that uses no screws; instead, a nylon filament goes through drilled...

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29 Jan Rolf “Commander” wins Good Design Award

Good Design Award for Rolf's "Commander", which is available in four different types of wood: maple, walnut, bog oak and bog oak/maple. Passionate about cars, as well as eyewear, classic automobiles are the foundation for everything the Rolf team designs. The sculptured frame " Commander"...

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15 Jul Rolf: Camaro Sun

“Woah!!” and “Whaaat?!” were some of the startled reactions when we unveiled the ROLF Camaro Sun from its case. No doubt about it: these shades just HAVE to be photographed! But was it too late in our editorial process?! All pages for this issue were...

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