Two brothers take on the eyewear business In the German eyewear retail landscape, one particular store with an extravagant name has been turning heads over the past few years: Six Million Glasses. Behind the flashy moniker lies an innovative and efficient concept, created by two brothers:...

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27 Feb FreudenHaus

For many tourists, a trip to Munich is never complete without a visit to the Hofbräuhaus brewery. And while there is nothing wrong with hoisting massive beer steins while swaying to Oom-pah music – putting the proverbial beer goggles on in the process – the...

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26 Feb Bärtschi Optik

Step out of the way, Milan, Paris and New York! While the international eyewear scene takes inspiration and guidance from your tradeshows and famous eyewear labels, customers in other parts of the world are being offered a unique level of quality and high-class selection. This...

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27 May Kurz und Weit

The eyewear industry thrives on innovation. When it comes to design, the creatives in the business continue to prove that variations for spectacles are far from played out. The distribution side of things is a different story, however, and far more pedestrian: the brands keep...

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26 May Alpenglühn Zürich

The word Alpenglühn (“alpenglow”) denotes a reddish light on the summits of snow-covered mountain peaks at sunset or sunrise. A golden glow covering the mountaintops and valleys, bringing to mind scenes from the popular animated series “Heidi, Girl of the Alps.” Alpenglühn is also the...

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10 Apr Kraft Augenoptik

Upon entering the Kraft Augenoptik store in Stuttgart, Germany, ordering a cocktail seems like the most natural thing to do. After all, with its lounge sofas and stylish interior ...

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18 Oct Kittel X Kittel

Kittel & Kittel - Apparently, the saying, „same, same, but different“ originated in Thailand. It denotes the kind of things that seem exactly alike at first sight, but...

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portrait 590x250

03 May Optik Oberländer

Oberländer ist ein Name, der auch über Köln hinaus für seine besondere Auswahl an Brillen bekannt ist. In zwei Geschäften bietet...

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