Barton Perreira



From 40s to 80s styles Photos: Stefanie Neumann - Assistent: Silke Steinraths - Styling: Mascha Möller @ Hair & Make-up: Nicole Gnauck @ LIGAWEST with products from Dermalogica Postproduction: Ruth Spiller - Models: Stanka, Anna & Gerrit @ Aquamarine Model Management / Philippe & Mehmet @ imm-models OWP »66th...

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08 May Barton Perreira: Jade

Heartbreakin mom sit down to me in the Cadillac and rock to the Boogie Woggie! This chic glasses of Barton Perreira reminds us of a cool Rockabilly glasses from the fifties. How would Elvis say? "Baby, let's play house!"...

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14 Mar Barton Perreira “Traffic”

The only thing cool about traffic is hopefully being in the comfort of your own car. What would make traffic better? To be able to get out of your car to actually meet that person you have been glancing over at for the past 45...

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