Adrian Marwitz

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17 Dec 10 Questions – Adrian Marwitz

Portrait: Sacha Tassilo Höchstetter / Stills: Raphael Schmitz Time flies when you’re having fun. Back in the tenth issue of our magazine, we introduced the freshly released ADRIAN MARWITZ label. Fast-forward to today, and the renowned eyewear designer has traveled the entire world establishing his eponymous...

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17 Mar Adrian Marwitz

Hello Adrian, how come you’re wearing a frame without any lenses? To me, glasses are a medical product and a fashion accessory all at the same time. Since I don’t need corrective lenses, I use it as the latter. Plus it’s also pretty cool to...

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A new vision. Based on a long tradition. ADRIAN MARWITZ offers top-quality eyewear featuring extraordinary designs, titanium frames and first-class manufacturing processes – handmade in Germany to give you excellent eyewear that completes the perfect look. The Marwitz name has been synonymous with fashionable eyewear since 1918....

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