L.G.R is born from the original vision of its founder, Luca Gnecchi Ruscone. Blending together traditional Italian methods of craftsmanship, lens technology, and a history that dates back to colonial Africa. L.G.R has created a unique place for itself in the vast industry of eyewear. The result is a genuine product where virtues from the past are transmitted into contemporary spectacles.

All models are created with the concept of an everlasting object intended to accompany the traveler on endless journeys filled with lasting experiences. The colour palette of the collection is oriented towards harmonious nuances of warm and natural shades that are found in the savannahs of Africa or the panorama of the Italian Riviera. All L.G.R models are named after an African city such as: Siwa, Massawa, Tangeri, Asilah, and Sabha.

L.G.R frames are entirely handmade in Italy by expert artisans. The frames are created from cellulose acetate, steel and metal. Their cellulose acetate frames undergo a tumbling process with beech and birch wood, followed by hand polishing using no solvents or paints; the result is a silky and very smooth finishing. These frames can bend to adapt their shape and fitting without heating.

L.G.R uses only tempered mineral crystal sun lenses and CR 39 organic lenses produced by the German Group Carl Zeiss Vision.










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