It’s a family affair! EYEWEAR Magazine, our website, and social media initiatives are the result of a creative group effort. Next to contributions from our regular team members, EYEWEAR features the work of a multitude of free creative agents, some of whom have become a constant presence over the years. This segment is dedicated to showcasing some of the creative minds that lend the magazine its distinct look from issue to issue.



  • Publisher & Editor

    Publisher & Editor

    A man who wears many hats, our editor and publisher also pulls duties as professional eyewear cleaner and puts the finishing touches on ...

    Stefan Dongus
  • Editor


    The lenses on the sunglasses featured in our magazine are highly polished, and so are the sentences crafted by our editor Jana for ...

    Jana Wenge
  • Graphic Designer

    Graphic Designer

    Since 2012 Sebastian Wegerhoff has been working on the graphic design of our magazine and our partner publication ...

    Sebastian Wegerhoff
  • Still Life Photographer

    Still Life Photographer

    Raphael Schmitz is a skilled still-life photographer, and one of the youngest in his craft at that. While most of his colleagues are ...

    Raphael Schmitz
  • US Editor

    US Editor

    Our man in Hollywood is in charge of reporting on U.S.-based eyewear brands and translating EYEWEAR magazine into ...

    Dirk Vogel
  • Proofreader


    Franca Rainer wears no glasses, but that doesn’t keep her from keeping a close eye on our grammatical performance. The multi-talent is ...

    Franca Rainer
  • Vintage Editor

    Vintage Editor

    Alexander has been an Eyewear head since day one – and in a double sense. He’s been collecting vintage sunglasses, especially from ...

    Alexander Dosiehn
  • Accountant


    Irene lives in Cologne – and loves her city. She is a singer in her church’s choir, and dons an elaborate costume every

    Irene Laudani
  • Co-Publisher


    Since the Eyewear team is all into glasses, they need someone to pay attention to their feet – or to what’s ON their feet. Holger is ...

    Holger von Krosigk

Creative Repeaters

  • Photographer


    Photographer Jun Kim is a hybrid in the truest sense of the word. He may look Japanese, but is a full-fledged German citizen. His ...

    Jun Kim
  • Hair & Make-Up Artist

    Hair & Make-Up Artist

    You may have been asking yourself how the people depicted in EYEWEAR can come out looking so drop-dead beautiful? We’ll ...

    Nicola Weidemann
  • Stylist


    Describing Rolf Buck in just one, short paragraph is just as hard as dropping by his studio without being totally blown away by all the ...

    Rolf Buck
  • Still Life Photographer

    Still Life Photographer

    Ever since heeding EYEWEAR Magazine’s call to move to Cologne, Manuel has been involved with eyewear on ...

    Manuel Mittelpunkt
  • Photographer


    Stefan Kapfer published many photo shoots in the EYEWEAR Magazines. His private studio is so well-equipped and spacious ...

    Stefan Kapfer
  • Photographer


    As the most senior photographer on the EYEWEAR team, Mert is known to leave his stylistic touches on almost every issue. Behind the ...

  • Photographer


    Born in Cologne and now residing in Hamburg, the well-traveled photographer has earned his chops in the business with a ...

    Martin Bauendahl
  • Photographer


    For Berlin-based photographer Tobias Schult work and play go hand-in-hand. His studio and workspace is a frequent hangout for ...

    Tobias Schult
  • Stylist


    When it comes to doing her job as a stylist, Janina is at it 110%. With a passion for following the latest fashions and a sure hand for ...

    Janina Cüpper
  • Image Maker

    Image Maker

    As a direct descendent of surrealists including Salvador Dali, Madame Peripetie is an award-winning image maker and ...

    Madame Peripetie
  • Photographer


    Born and raised in Leipzig in 1978, Reno earned his degree in graphic design and worked as an art director for clients such as ...

    Reno Mezger
  • Hair & Make-Up Artist

    Hair & Make-Up Artist

    Hair and make-up artist Holger Weins is also no stranger to EYEWEAR Magazine. Holger has been fascinated with the power of ...

    Holger Weins