Issue 16 – in coffee-table book workmanship


20 Jan Issue 16 – in coffee-table book workmanship

Our EYEWEAR #16 was launched the former weekend at the opti show in Munich and will be delivered to the newsstands on friday. The very special thing about this issue is the thread stitching in the making of valuable coffee-table books, what readers will be aware of immediately. Why we invested in this technical feature? On the one hand it is a wonderful haptic experience to feel that the paper wasn’t cut and sticked together, but rather complete paper sheets are stitched together with a red thread. On the other hand the magazine might be opened completely and the pages aren’t going to fall back again, if you lay the magazine on the table while you drink your coffee. Enjoy the relaxed examination of the wonderful glasses in our magazine. A big thank-you goes to our printing company for this demonstration of their craftsmanship.