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Opti is !hot

We’re taking it back to the classics! As part of the newly launched !HOT area at opti tradeshow in Munich, EYEWEAR presents the first-ever VINTAGE EXHIBITION. For the premiere of our vintage event, we invited internationally renowned collectors of vintage eyewear, including Lee Yule (London), Matti Piipponen (Helsinki), Christian Metzler (Pforzheim), and Siegfried Schlögl (Wien). These four vintage aficionados opened their vaults to present opti visitors some treasured pieces of eyewear history. The exhibition is open throughout the entire duration of opti tradeshow, and what’s more, every day from 1:30–3:30 PM, visitors will have the chance to meet the four collectors and get up close and personal about their exhibits and passion for eyewear collecting. During those hours, visitors also have the opportunity to wear one of the display pieces and get their photo taken. Who knows, with a little luck – and sex appeal – their picture may even make the pages of the next issue of EYEWEAR magazine.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you in Munich. Please keep the following two things in mind:

First: Collecting vintage eyewear is highly contagious – you might catch the bug.

Second: All eyewear on display is actually vintage, not retro. There’s a huge difference. And that’s also why we can only hand visitors the exhibits for the short duration of the photo shoot. Please be gentle.

See you there!

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