10 Questions – Adrian Marwitz

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17 Dec 10 Questions – Adrian Marwitz

Portrait: Sacha Tassilo Höchstetter / Stills: Raphael Schmitz

Time flies when you’re having fun. Back in the tenth issue of our magazine, we introduced the freshly released ADRIAN MARWITZ label. Fast-forward to today, and the renowned eyewear designer has traveled the entire world establishing his eponymous brand as a staple of modern eyewear style. You can find Adrian at every important eyewear tradeshow, and his collections have found their way into leading international boutiques and optical stores. Two years after the initial launch, we think it’s high time for an update. Here are our Ten Questions with Adrian Marwitz.


01 Adrian, what’s been keeping you busy over the past two years?

Most of all the philosophy of being. Aside from that, I’ve been traveling a bunch doing field work, designing eyewear, building tradeshow booths, and generally roaming the world to establish my eyewear in the best optical shops.

02 What’s different about your eyewear compared to two years ago?

Actually, not that much has changed. The basic concept is the same and that’s not going to change. But we did increase the line-up to 30 pieces while adding some new colors – at this point we have eleven for each model.

03 They say that the early yeas are when a brand finds itself – sometimes heading in a different direction than initially planned. Is ADRIAN MARWITZ in a place today where you envisioned it two years back?

The brand has indeed developed exactly how I planned it two years ago. That actually took consistency and a good dose of dexterity – both of which I managed to come up with, fortunately.

04 Please briefly summarize the philosophy of the Adrian Marwitz.

ADRIAN MARWITZ represents titanium eyewear, handmade in Germany, love for detail, quality over quantity, strong recognizable style, and unique signature aesthetic.

05 What were some of the milestones of your relatively young company history?

For us, every new customer is a milestone. Finding customers who back the brand and my products 100% and communicate the philosophy accordingly to end customers – that’s the most important part of our business. And just a few days ago, we received the Special Mention German Design Award for the entire “Urban Strangers” collection in the Lifestyle and Fashion category.

Adrian_Marwitz_Stranger_20+16»Stranger No. 20«, »Stranger No. 16«

06 What’s the most unique feature of the current collection?
The simplicity created by a multitude of details. The latest series, Stranger No. 16 – 23, implements this philosophy throughout and is marked by a clean, recognizable design signature.

07 Which glasses are your highlights?

The Stranger No. 13 model has really made its rounds in the German media recently. By the way, without much of our own intervention, from reality TV to talk shows.

08 If you were to be compared with one brand, which one would it be?

I put great emphasis on independence, so I would rather not be compared to any other brand. ADRIAN MARWITZ has to stand for itself.

09 Given the last two years of experience: If you could start it all over, what would you do differently?

I’m actually really satisfied with the way the brand has developed and if there were some setbacks, they always provided a chance to go down a new path, which was often better than the initial direction. That’s why I’m content with things just the way they are. Destiny, you might call it.

10 Where’s the journey headed in the future?

That’s a rather philosophical question… Love is the most important part of life and the future lays out a path for us to walk on without losing our balance or neglecting our desires. The philosophy of being, if you will.