ROLF Spectacles: Good Design Award


03 Jun ROLF Spectacles: Good Design Award

ROLF Spectacles’ eyewear design “Sapphire 92” out of the evolved collection has been awarded with the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2015 Best in Category coming out as winner in the category Product Design: Fashion and Objects. The eyewear frame “Sapphire 92” in bog oak-maple-bog oak represents a fine example of ROLF Spectacles’ natural eyewear handcrafted in Tirol, Austria. The delicate and noble frame is of sheer elegance. The design is subtle and timeless with a highlight on the precision and the loving attention to detail in the finishing process. The unique features include the special lens-glazing system and the patented wooden hinge, both developed by ROLF Spectacles. The evolved collection combines finest natural materials, excellent design quality and high-quality processing with real craftsmanship. The design of the frame is styled to be appealing to the female spectacle wearer with an acquired taste. The form of the frame conveys the function and use of the product unambiguously and unmistakeably. The designs are based on classic cars, which undoubtedly is an interesting feature that adds to the character of the product.

The Good Design Award is one of the longest standing and most prestigious design awards in the world, promoting excellence in design and innovation since 1958.
Managed by Good Design Australia, the program proudly promotes the very best in design, innovation and creativity at a national and international level.
ROLF Spectacles – Handcrafted in Tirol ROLF Spectacles is a small family-run business in the Austrian Tirol that produces handcrafted eyewearmade from finest natural materials wood, stone and horn.

ROLF Spectacles developed a unique wooden hinge along with a special lens-glazing system. The ROLF Spectacles eyewear frames have no screws or metal, are ea
sy-care and maintenance-free, extremely light, antistatic and suitable for allergy sufferers. ROLF Spectacles puts an emphasis on producing everything in-house in the Tirol with loving attention to detail and real craftsmanship – from the eyewear frames and cases to the sample trays all the way to the exhibition stands and displays. The story of ROLF Spectacles started in a basement in the Tyrolean mountains a few years back when four creative individuals had one idea: to make eyewear glasses out of natural materials without any metal and with a new lens-glazing system and special wooden hinge. The siblings Roland and Christian Wolf and Martin and Marija Iljazovic teamed up to make their dream come true.

The underlying motto „Our mission is to follow our visions and to create new things, never seen before, to set new trends and at the same time remain true to our
roots.” is still true and with 20 international design awards in 10 countries, the dream has come true, while thestory continues.