Cazal: a strong trio


24 Mar Cazal: a strong trio

hasn’t lost any attraction since first introduced in 1990, and now being relaunched in an additional top stylish crystal version together with CAZAL 644 and CAZAL 656.

Non plus ultra. If a pair of sunglasses can be said to have a revolutionary design, it’s the CAZAL 644, which was first launched in 1991. A shining example of perfect interplay between extraordinary design and high-end production. The excellent crafting of the separate acetate eye-rings, perfectly adapted to the metal eye-rings, sets collectors’ hearts racing. Tactilely and visually a very special experience.

The creative interplay between CAZAL and its fans all over the world sometimes strikes out on its own. In the case of the CAZAL 656, this resulted in a very special outcome. Inspired by the CAZAL 642 from 1990, Dameion “Rhythm Child” Williams created the 656 model together with CAZAL. The multitalented New York dancer, model, material artist and member of the CAZAL Phanatics Brooklyn also played a brand-defining role in CAZAL’s latest lookbook.

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