Collab of the Issue: Connexion


06 Feb Collab of the Issue: Connexion

Dare, Connect, Invent and Feel – these illustrious names for four new eyewear styles also serve well to describe the characteristics it took the people behind two independent German eyewear labels to start a new business together. For their new joint venture, Connexion, Martin Lehmann of Martin & Martin and Thomas Bischoff of Whiteout & Glare contributed their unique design styles to create a new direction. The two spent an entire year fine-tuning their concepts and working on the designs. The result: A new collection crafted from the novel, high-end polymer material Mineralion, which in a white colorway could easily be mistaken for ivory with its characteristic touch and feel. Held against the light, Mineralion also exhibits slightly fluorescent properties – a shining example of what can happen when great minds connect, and well worthy of being our Collab of the Issue.