Material World


05 Feb Material World

Single White Female, the title of the erotic thriller from the year 1992 also works well to headline this edition of “Material World.” We could also add “red” and “metal” as characteristics to this line of glasses that would surely look great on the movie’s protagonists, Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Our featured selection offers the right models for all self-confident women with a penchant for delicate metal glasses, which are currently making a huge comeback. Since red is the proverbial color of love – and this is our Love Issue – we decided to focus on models in the red color spectrum, ranging from orange all the way to purple. These six glasses by götti, Markus T, Marc O’Polo, ic! Berlin, Ørgreen and Strenesse offer lightweight elegance in subtle colorways. Lovely!

Foto: Raphael Schmitz