04 Feb Götti: GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2014

The Swiss brand Götti receives the prestigious design award “Special mention” for the XANADU sunglasses from the “SPIN & STOW 360°”-collection. The label stands for quality design and innovative functionality. The sunglasses collection by Götti SWITZERLAND convinced the jury with its patented temples, which is rotatable through 360 °. This so-called “SPIN & STOW”-bracket allow a flat form of the glasses to put them in a flat case. Sven Götti, head of design and CEO of götti of SWITZERLAND: “this award is a milestone for our work. It makes us proud that our aim of innovative design is awared by this important panel of experts”.

The winner of the German design award 2014 in the field of communication design will be shown from 08. bis 23. February 2014 in the exhibition “German Design Award 2014” at the “Museum of fine arts” in Frankfurt. Informations you can find here.