INVU Ultra Polarized


28 Jan INVU Ultra Polarized

Let’s raise our glasses to welcome a new eyewear label to the industry. Skeptics may say, Do we really need another brand? To which we’d like to respond: How many labels with a clear focus are really out there? Not that many, right? And the new Swiss-based brand INVU is as on-point as it gets: Every pair of glasses from their inaugural collection features ultra polarized lenses with price points set in the “Impulse Price Segment” – perfect for a large consumer target group. As the brand from Zurich, whose production team includes former employees of Polaroid, says in its mission statement: “Polarized lenses for everyone!”

And what about the name? INVU is pronounced “in view” – pretty straightforward for an eyewear brand – while sounding out the letters I, N, V, U makes a bold statement: “I envy you.” We see what you did there. Once the glasses hit stores in Spring 2014, everyone is invited to “Discover Ultra Polarization.” For a first look at designs and to view INVU’s stylish introductory video feature, visit the official website