10 Questions: Sven Götti


22 Jan 10 Questions: Sven Götti

What are five keywords to emotionally describe your eyewear?
– high-value/ quality-conscious
– classy / trendy
– innovative in technology and style
– simple, cool, straight
– honest

Who is one celebrity you would like to see with your glasses?
Why not Barack Obama

Where do you take your overall inspiration?
Overall – the recording is always on. Mostly I love to visit a furniture or fashion exhibition and imagine the next trend. Especially the visitors are in my focus. Maybe sometimes even more than the Exhibit.

What were some of the most important milestones after founding the company?
Having the booth at the international fairs full of happy customers.

How many pieces of eyewear have you created so far?
Around 600 different models

Whats the main attraction of eyewear design to you?
Having the moment where new shapes and ideas are flying to me.

Whats the hardest part about designing eyewear?
To get the motor started for a new collection. It’s comparable with running a marathon. It asks for a high intensity and reaching the finnish line is worth every second of hard work. So nice when all is done!

Where do you get the inspiration for your creative design work?
People are very inspiring to me. I look at lots of people – as many as I can see. For example at the airport, you will never find me sitting in the airport lounge and simply wait. Watching people go by is far more intersting to me.

Which persons has made a lasting impact on you?
Probably my parents. My mother as a photographer and my father as entrepeneur.

What separates your label from other eyewear manufactures?
Almost everything you can imagine we do inhouse. We are a very authentic brand. It is all out of one DNA – and ist our’s.