10 Questions: Thomas Oberegger from Woodone


05 Dec 10 Questions: Thomas Oberegger from Woodone

Three words that describe Woodone
-very light weight

What would you do if you’re not a designer ?
Then I would work, as I still do, in a real estate agency.

What inspires you?
The forests, mountains, valleys and people from the beautiful South Tirol.

Which eyewear designer has made a lasting impact on you?
I’m impressed by Gai Gherardi, by L.A. Eyework. I think she’s just amazing, she has her own style! I hope at her age I will also still my style pull through.

What is your biggest passion?
I can’t stop with tattoos, but since 18 months, it is my little Princess Emma.

What are your bad habbits
I am a collector of beautiful and expensive fashion, watches, shoes and tattoos.

What is the hardest part of designing glasses and marketing?
If I would do what I like then all peoples wear big, fat, square wooden spectacles, but you have to go with the crowd and the hardest thing is to meet the trend for the next year and the tastes of the buyers.

How many glasses do you own personally?
I have about 60 glasses. I’m just a tick for beautiful spectacles.

Who would you like a swap a day with?
With my wife Kathrin.

What´s the difference between Woodone and other labels?
What sets us apart from the others? We work with wood! What sets us apart from the other eyewear companies working with wood? The name explains it: Woodone – the No. 1.