10 Questions: Suzy Glam


11 Nov 10 Questions: Suzy Glam

To kick things off, what is your life philosophy?
No philosophy, no belief, no religion. I try to live from day to day being conscious, committed and having pleasure in my work.

We love your sunglasses. Which brands do you prefer? Who has inspired you?
Thank you! I have a lot of respect of what the people from Mykita are doing and I like their aesthetics. My father, an inventor and optician always stimulated my technical side. Sculptures and art installations give me ideas for frames.

Who is one celebrity you would like to see with Suzy Glam glasses?
One feminine, one masculine: Vivienne Westwood, an older lady and still wild. Karl Lagerfeld because of his excellent taste.

Out of all the glasses you created, which one is your favorite piece?

Suzy Glam got the award, bold and feminine at the same time, like I wish to be.

What is the typical workday at Suzy Glam like?
There are no typical days, every day is different. No routine, the only typical thing is that time is always too short.

What ist he best thing about your job?
Prestige, money and pleasure. I get really happy when people enjoy our designs. We both work in an optical shop a few days where we work with the end-consumer.

What do you do on your off-days?
There is no difference between working days and days off. We’re not having weekend. Instead of that we stay a few days every two-month in Barcelona. There we are very lazy.

Tell us your bad habit?
I’m chaotic. My working bench is a big mess in no time.

Who ist he most important person in your life?
Etienne, my partner in crime. We work, eat and sleep together.

What´s your next move? Anything you´re working on?
I’m working on a series frames with a three-dimensional shape, based on the tactility of a pebble.