10 Questions: Luca Gnecchi


20 Sep 10 Questions: Luca Gnecchi

You’ve had a productive year, designing all these amazing collections. What prompted all this creativity?

My mind is constantly in a creative state. I find inspiration from my family, friends, travel, and nature. This year we came out with al Limited Edition called Safari. We took two strong models from the collection and created them in four different color combinations that were inspired by different landscapes in Africa like the savanna, forest, desert, and ocean.

How has your creative process evolved over the course of your career?

It has been many years that I work with eyewear that by now it has become a process as natural to me as waking up in the morning. Rendering ideas and designs has become more fluid and I am more instinctive in knowing exactly what I want to create. There is a great team behind L.G.R and we all work closely together to make sure that we are producing eyewear that is true to the brand’s DNA, which is innovation in design and quality.

What is the biggest challenge for an eyewear label?

To offer something unique that the other brands do not have. L.G.R has many special characteristics such as traditional Italian craftsmanship or high definition mineral tempered glass lenses. What really makes our eyewear so special is that they are beautiful objects that transmit a world of travel and adventure.

What will be important for the future of the eyewear business?
The rise of independent brands.

Your biggest passion?

Your biggest vice?
Tough question!

How would you characterize the typical L.G.R. customers?
I design eyewear with the idea that everyone at anyone age will have this beautiful object accompany them wherever they go and throughout their lives. My customers are fascinated by our story, the idea of a lost elegance, understatement and authenticity.

What L.G.R.´s greatest asset?
Inspired by Africa and handmade in Italy.

Who’s the most important person in your life?

My son Eugenio

What do you see yourself doing at 70 years old?
I will still be part of the constant evolution of L.G.R